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So…..6 is More than Zero?

Well technically that’s true. But it’s also much less than 15 which had been my running goal for last week. Ah well. This is another week and another chance to get over 10 freakin’ miles. Remember when I would run 50 miles a week. YEAH. me neither.

So today the plan is to go home […]


I’m such a weenie. Walking home last night after a long day in the office Jason and I just *happened* to walk by Sheffields…which happens to be warm and have delicious beer and we just happen to magically gravitate in there if we walk by. So we did that instead of running.

We spent the […]

Worst Book Reviewer Ever

So I just finished the book The Mayor’s Tongue by Nathaniel Rich and I gave it 5 stars because well I don’t know…it was awesome. I was looking back over my reviews in Good Reads and I seem to give all books 5 stars. I told Jason I need like 5 stars with an exclamation […]


Yep. Wednesday. You know….THAT day. The one that is in the middle of all of the other days of the week.

Should be a good day though…we have actually gone running the last two days…only three miles each day, but 3 miles is more than 0 miles so that’s good. We are already going to […]


That’s right this whole deal here started as a running blog and there hasn’t been much of that lately…and by not much I mean not existent.

Yesterday Jason and I got off the train to the first snow of the season….there was a very light dusting of white stuff on the el platform, although not […]

A Weekend of Nothing…

Well….maybe not exactly nothing, but not far off. After a month of inlaws visiting, and other busy weekends, Jason and I did a whole lot of nothing. We were really busy Saturday morning with errands, getting firewood delivered, Jason got new glasses, upgrading our home office with a large monitor and an external hard drive […]

Chicago : Grand & State Subway Station

Last night after attending a benefit for something (we don’t know exactly what it was but Jason’s friend was involved and asked if we wanted to go….35 bucks each and unlimited beer and food..although I do think it had something to do with teaching 4th-8th graders) at the Rock Bottom brewery at Grand and State. […]

Nice Monday Evening

Last night Jason had an evening out with his work people and so I had a pretty enjoyable evening home alone. I got moving on learning photoshop from the Scott Kelby book…the 7 steps in photoshop or something. It’s awesome, because it’s more this is how you do shit…and less here is what it all […]

Going to do More of This.

Not hanging out in gross train stations, but taking and posting more pictures on my photoblog. It’s kind of an ad-full blog service, but it works pretty well for pictures. I have a few on there from this month and now that our office is rolling I hope that will start rolling too.

We had […]

Getting. Shit. Together.

I am in the middle of finally emptying some boxes in our second bedroom/office and I finally feel like we are getting to a place where things are calming down and we are getting our shit together. It took longer than I had expected to get used to the 9-5 work life, but I’m there […]