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Run. Track. Run. + RunnerSusan = Awesome

RunnerSusan has become an awesome tester for Run. Track. Run. She told me in an e-mail that she had 3 years of running data on her 205 and asked if would it upload. I told her to give it a go cause I had only tried it with 3 or 4 runs on my watch. […]

Run. Track. Run. Guidance and More!

In my weekly GeekFest Run. Track. Run. was demonstrated. After going through the site and explaining the importance of things we chose to be in there, it was suggested by other Obtivians that I talk more on here about what is what and why I chose what I chose as far as the graphing goes. […]

3 Miles. More R.T.R.

Alright. Really. No comments? That’s cool. I know the site is pretty basic and kinda buggy, but it’s getting there. So this morning Jason and I got up at 6am. We had a window open in our bedroom and so we were like…uh…it’s freezing and look how nice the bed looks….but then we said….nope we […]

More. Run. Track. Run.

This is a screenshot of the Run. Track. Run. site showing off the Garmin functionality. Kind of dying that we can’t do anything with the site for two weeks while the judging is taking place. But you can do enough to get the awesomeness of it. Run.Track.Run. from Dave Hoover on Vimeo.


Run. Track. Run

After you finish a run, there it is.Sitting on your watch.Your data with nowhere good to go.Don’t lose it. Use it!

Well. After years of having an idea in my head there is now a website to match it. This weekend Obtiva competed in the RailsRumble with an idea for a better running […]

Great Hawks Game

Well the home opener was not a success in the winning terms….but it was a whole hell of a lot of fun. They had a packed house and that place was *crazy*. Our seats were great, upper deck behind one of the goals….except the people that we were sitting next to kind of sucked. The […]


My writing lately has been super sporadic. As has my running I suppose. Although last week I was sick and chose to try to get healthier faster instead of run. This week should be better. Although we are now thinking that it wouldn’t be that awesome to run the Miami marathon and so instead we […]

Relaxing Weekend

Aside from watching the Cubs blow up in the post season again, Jason and I had a pretty good and relaxing weekend. On Friday night we went out to dinner and split a bottle of wine and got into an argument about whether or not the Cubs are losing because of “luck” or because they […]

Just Terrible

The Cubs? Yeah that’s who I’m talking about. Who are these rookies playing our Cubbies jerseys? Sigh. Well shit, the Dodgers still have to win another game, so it’s not over yet. Last night we didn’t do anything except watch the debate and the Cubs both of which brought some anger in our household. A […]

Last Ones Out?

Really. Yeah. Map Room is awesome. Especially if you are leaving it and the doors are closing behind you. And not just closing like to close, but closing like, “We’re closed so get out”. Jason and I went out with people from my work who are all way cooler than I and it was a […]