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Weekend Wrapup in 8 Minutes

Jason and I had the best weekend ever. It wasn’t like we did anything super cool, but we did a whole hell of a lot. And since work starts in like 7 minutes…..I’m going to the awesomeness that is bullet points Saturday Early morning photographs at the lake Breakfast and reading at Panera for ~2 […]


Everyone loves Friday. So hence it gets an exclamation point. Work has been going great this week. Last week I voiced my concerns about some issues I was having (I know right? This is a whole new thing for me…totally the opposite of my usual sit and stew and get pissy for a year and […]

Fabulous Close out to 29!

Last night Jason took me out to dinner at Mia Franchesca. If you live in Chicago I highly recommend this place. It’s on Clark just north of School, on the East side of the street. It was fantastic. We had a bottle of wine, a salad and then I had the salmon and Jason had […]

Last Day of My 29th Year

Tomorrow is my 29th Birthday. And if you think about it….when it’s your birthday you have thus completed that year. When you are one, you turn one and start in on your second year. So in that thinking today I end my 29th year and start in on the 30th year tomorrow. Which I have […]

Drugged? Speaking Up! and 4 miles.

So. Yeah. My addiction to caffeine hit an all time high on Wednesday when I downed 3 espresso drinks, a bunch of coffee and diet cokes. Then I went out to Sheffields to have some drinks and dinner when Jason was at the Cubs game. It’s a good thing that Jason wasn’t there with me […]

Forgetting Pushups. Genius Playlists, Running Again & Speedy Starbucks

Hmm…let’s do that list backwards shall we. So there is a Starbucks a block from my job and I frequent them twice a day for my triple grande non-fat latte…remember when I gave up caffeine? Yeah I’m so over that. Anyways in the mornings the line is so super long but they have someone asking […]

Great Weekend

This past weekend was so super relaxing. Kind of ended up being forced relaxing though because it pretty much rained from Friday night to late Sunday afternoon. Friday night Jake and LaurA! came over which was fun as always. We played some Trivial Pursuit which Jason and I got schooled on….although I’m standing by the […]

The End of the Path

Yesterday evening Jason and I planned to test out this whole biking thing that seems to be taking some people by storm. So after getting home, pumping the tires on the bike and getting our super cool looking helmets on we headed out. We have heavy mountain bikes so probably not the best for any […]

Nice Tuesday Run

….except for the bitch with the dog that yelled at us. But whatever, I totally could have taken her and she’s just lucky I backed off……but that’s all on that. We went 3.4 miles and felt good the whole time. We stopped at Belmont and walked the mile back home. Feels great to be back […]

Long Weekend & Back on Running Train

This weekend we went to Fort Wayne to attend Jason’s grandfather’s funeral. It was a very long traditional Catholic deal and very somber although also very respectful and nice. The flower on the right was one that was in the arrangement that was on top of the coffin.

I have to admit that as a […]