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New Apartment Needs Stuff

We all know that stuff is bad. Ok, maybe I just think stuff is bad. I don’t even think it’s bad, but I’m three days out of a move and so right now all the stuff is sitting in my dining room and I’m wondering what would happen if I took a match to it […]

The Office

Not the TV show….rather our office at home. It’s looking like it’s about halfway done. It’s been funny reading peoples blogs and twitters when they talk about moving. It’s such a horrible process and everyone thinks they own too much stuff and there is always this feeling of we’ll never have enough boxes. My cousin […]

Great Weekend…But Sad Ending

This weekend Jason and I headed to Fort Wayne where his parents threw us a big PhD graduation party. They invited so many people including a lot of Jason’s teachers from middle and high school (Jason’s dad is a teacher at the school Jason went to so knows all of these people). It was fun […]

Wait…didn’t I finish school?

Uh…apparently not and the hours in the days don’t seem to be enough.

For some reason…and the reason is Jason’s procrastination ways…theAdviser wants the thesis submitted NOW. I also want it done and so I’m glad he’s pushing hard for this to get fixed and turned in. The deal is that your committee reads your […]

Looking Better

Well Ok, obviously, this beautiful newness wasn’t all me. It was time to finally get a new template, although from there I was able to make some good changes (just say they are good). I’ll just keep it here for now and as I learn more or whatever maybe I’ll keep changing it, for now […]

What’s Up!

That’s right…it’s probably going to look a little crazy around these parts as I attempt to take somethings I have learned at work and apply it here in my tiny corner of the web. I’m guessing every time you come here things will look different Thanks for the patience. Oh … blog update. Ran 5 […]

Fun Evenings and a Packed Weekend

The last two nights have been good times in the LeahC/JasonR households. On Wednesday night we went to Wildfire for dinner where we enjoyed too much food and way too much wine to celebrate our 4 year wedding anniversary (I can’t believe it’s 4 years already!).

Last night Jason had drinks with his work peeps […]

Blogging at NIght?

Wait…running at night? Both? Wow…it’s been over 6 years since I have been on a regular schedule. Not that I haven’t been worked harder than a red headed step child over that time, but it was all the time and not in one block. So I could say, hey time for a break, so let’s […]


The first day at the new job was awesome. Really good people that work there….but I am noticing that now that I am working there isn’t going to be all the lalala…..I think it’s 12:57 and I’ll blog now. The routine will fall into place though as time goes by.

Up early this morning to […]


Well it’s been awhile since the ole’ JasonLeahRun has been updated. After the defense last week I just wanted to unplug for a bit as the weight of that PhD was finally off my shoulders and it would be a week until my new job started. So that’s just what I did.

I first want […]