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What’s That?

Who just got a PhD in physics?

Wait…what…me? That’s right bitches.

Dr. LeahC is home free!


Thanks for all the good vibes!

In a few hours….

I’ll be “done”. I use quotes…and by using them I am really meaning a nice set of air quotes…because of course there is still paperwork, and I’m sure there will be a few corrections to make to the thesis. BUT the brunt of it will be done. More importantly this long presentation will be done….seriously […]

Feeling Young Again…

But not the fun party girl young. The young sit on my ass in the corner of a library and try my best to concentrate on re-reading stuff. Not surprising I’m not the person I was at 18 1/2 and so found it tough to sit there. Of course at 18 1/2 I was taking […]

What!!! Double Digits!?!

That’s right people. And not just for the week (which granted has been a bit of a stretch these last few weeks…and will be again this week)! Jason and I ran a solid 10 miles yesterday morning and felt great. We drove to the lakefront path at Montrose and started our run east of the […]

Feeling Good for 5, Getting Excited and Why So Sleepy?

I have decided that I could just really put the subject of each topic in my posts in the subject line and then you don’t even need to read this like today…..

Well nevermind, I’ll just give the details.

Yesterday I took the train back downtown. There is something about those freakin’ Metra trains that […]

Spirit of Racine Photos

I took 250 pictures at the Spirit of Racine Triathlon on Sunday. That’s right…250. Most of them are linked below.

Here’s just one, showing the crazy that was the fog on that morning. Click on it for the full gallery on my smugmug account (I took a lot of random pictures and so there might […]

Why So Serious?

oh yes. Go. See. Batman. Right now if you have to!

One of the best movies I have *ever* seen. It’s 2 hour and 32 minutes long and it so doesn’t feel that long. Totally action packed, great scenes of Chicago and I’ll probably have nightmares of the Joker in the future.

Yesterday at the […]

WALL-E & Fermilab & New Running Plan

Two of the above make me want to cheer and the other makes me want to vomit in my mouth a little.

Yesterday theDad, Jason and I headed downtown to see Batman. We planned on going to the 7:30 show but when we got there all the tickets for all the shows were sold out! […]

Hot & Humid

Yesterday after the JMan got home we went out for a neighborhood run with the intention of ending at the gym and doing some weight lifting. We did the running part going about 3.4 miles. The lifting heavy things part…hmm not so much. We started on the assisted dip/pullup machine and I got *really* lightheaded. […]

Spoiled Beach Plans and a Weekend of Fun

On Friday, just as I sat down at the beach I had a call from my adviser. The reviews of my paper that had been submitted came back and to answer one of the questions there is quite a bit of work that needs to be done. My God this process is annoying. Now I […]