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Weekend Review

A great/busy/crazy weekend. On the running front we were perfect for our weekend plans. On Saturday we did a nice easy 3 mile run around the neighborhood. After that we headed downtown to go to the Taste of Chicago. We of course had to keep buying tickets because the beer is so damn ticket heavy […]

Run, Projects & Taste

I have been working on a programming project since Wednesday and spent all day yesterday holed up in my apartment working on it. Needless to say I was itching to get outside for a run this morning.

I took music with which I don’t do much anymore, but I do always remember how much I […]

They Can’t All Be Perfect

Well after a few good weeks of running yesterday didn’t go so well. We did 5 miles but it was really slow and pathetic. I think we will take today off and try and get in 6 tomorrow morning just to give our legs a bit of a break since they were so tired last […]

Late Night, Early Morning

Jason had a work function last night and so I hung out with my Dad and Sue until after the cubs game. I ended up picking Jason up at about 11:30 and we weren’t in bed until about midnight. Finally got to sleep around 12:30 and up bright and early at 6:30.

For the rest […]

5, 1, 6.

This morning Jason and I woke up with the sun and drove down to the lakefront and did a 5 mile recoveryish run.

Then my dad came downstairs and he and I played tennis for 1 hour.

Then I came home and submitted my thesis officially. 6 years of work in 208 pages.

I’m so […]

Good? No Great Weekend.

So here we got with our my usual weekend roundup!

On Friday I met up with Jason for lunch as I was back from the lab early enough to make that happen. I spent the afternoon hanging around downtown and just fucking enjoying being mostly done with my thesis, which is the culmination of six […]


I handed Adviser the thesis this morning. All 206 pages of it. Hot Damn. Of course….as always with this field, there are a *few* more miner things to change. I have gotten up at about 4am the last three days and worked hard on getting that done….but you know…4am is fucking early. By 10am, I’ve […]

Today is Thursday

Wow. Brilliant title if I do say so myself.

But it’s a big day. Well not TODAY. BUT, if today is Thursday, that means tomorrow is Friday which means the day after that is Saturday. The Adviser is going on a 3 week bike trip which starts on Saturday meaning that a final copy of […]


Yes. I ran 19.5 miles last week. You know. That rounds up to 20. Hot Damn. The woman is getting her running groove back. Hopefully anyways.

I also played tennis four times last week. Starting this week I’m going to play a bit more, doing more training with my Dad rather than just hitting it […]

Back to AM running!

This morning Jason and I got up at 5am with the intent to go play tennis. Actually we did that yesterday as well but someone (not me) said, “I’m just going to lay back down in bed and see what it would feel like to go back to sleep” :-). But this morning we were […]