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You Know You Want a Pair!

Interview Done & Done

So I had my interview yesterday which I think went pretty well. It would be working with a small consulting company and starting in an apprenticeship role to learn how to do things correctly instead of my current stream of conscience method of programming. All the people there were really nice and I was surprisingly […]

A Week Later….

Well ok.


Well I have my head kinda back in the game. Enough anyways that I can make some progress on my thesis during the days. My interview is tomorrow which I’m a little nervous about but hopefully I can rally to be myself by 1pm. I think I should be fine. I would […]

Just because…

I don’t want yesterday’s post to be the top post.

Yesterday we did go running. We ran to the FedEx building to pick up an envelope and then ran/walked back. It felt good to be out there.

Also I had ordered these Tootsie Pop Drop candies online and they happened to show up on the […]

I’ll Be Ok

So I’ve not completely disappeared.

I’ve been trying to be busy with thesis work amid daily panic attacks about my own mortality. This has happened to me in the past, I just can’t seem to get out of the fog this time around. I am sure running has something to do with keeping me level, […]

LeahC is Everywhere

So I’m reading The Chicagoist this morning and I see a post giving the CTA closures and track reroutes and with the post is a picture that looks familiar, I scream at Jason to get in the office. They used a picture I had tagged with ‘Chicagoist’ on my flicker account months ago! They gave […]

Eddie Izzard, Brother-In-Law & an Interview

Ok, Eddie Izzard was awesome. For those of you that have never heard of him, he’s a transvestite standup comedian. He’s also on a show called The Riches which I haven’t seen yet. Jason’s brother, Jamie, gave us a DVD of his show Dress to Kill a couple of years ago and it is hilarious. […]

Feeling Good

Well yesterday I sent Adviser the theory chapter from my thesis along with a short introductory chapter. Today I’m working on a short section about particle reconstruction and Monte Carlo. If all that gets done I’m free and clear to work on the last part which although is partially done, needs to be expanded on […]

I Miss Him & Why at 5am?

Jason and I worked together for the last 6 years…well I mean I guess it was about 5 years in October before Jason started his new job. So many people would say to us, and still do, how could you stand seeing your spouse 24/7? I wouldn’t ever really know how to reply, well…I mean […]

Being Busy

In general I’m a busy girl. I love being busy. Lot’s happening at work means the hours fly by. Usually I am in some kind of fitness program which keeps me on my toes for the non-work hours. Add in random city events, and dates with friends and city walks and whatever most days of […]