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Plan of Attack

Well, alright. I e-mailed my adviser with a proposed plan of attack for my thesis. He needs to read over it before I turn it in, make revisions and so on. To help him (and I as I love deadlines) I thought it would be easier to get it to him in stages instead of […]

Wow. That Was a Bad Day.

Alright, well you know when your Monday morning starts with a stolen phone it’s not going to get much better. As far as filing a police report, I think that the Chicago Police Department has better things to do (school shootings…buses ramming into CTA stations… etc) than worry about some yuppie girl that had her […]

Who Does That?!?!

So I get up early this morning. A somewhat good night’s sleep and a very relaxing weekend and I’m ready to go. I have a plan of attack. I know what I need to do this week. I am out the door by 6:45am.

You would think that getting up early and getting on an […]

Childhood Games

About a month or so back a friend of our as Fermilab asked if we would be interested in playing kickball. Kickball? Yeah that’s the thought I had as well. We said why not, sure we’d play.

….A guy next to me just changed into roller blades in the train station. Now THAT’s the way […]

A Familiar Place

I’ve been here before. Or at least in a place similar to this.

Here is how a graduate career in physics goes (at least at IU) :

Year 1 : Core courses….sleeping roughly 5 hours a night…doing homework every other minute of every day. Weekends for fun? Uh. No.

Summer between Year 1 and Year […]

Train Time

Another late night last night, getting home at about 7:45 or so. The plan was to go to the gym but since I was still sore from my Saturday workout (I did the bicep curl machine and so now the entire inner part of my forearms are killing me. So like I can put both […]

Long Days & Cranky Nights

Well I was all going to try and be interesting today, but no such luck I fear. Yesterday I ended up taking the late late train. Ok not that late, but I didn’t get home until about 7:30 or so. I think that will be about the plan today as well.

My publication paper I […]

Could Be the Best Weekend Ever

So Ok, on Friday I was obviously Grumpy (that’s right with a capitol ‘G’). Nothing like a great weekend to get over it.

Friday night we went to the gym to do some weight lifting for the first time in months. We didn’t do anything fancy, but boy is the gym empty on a Friday […]

Old Habits Die Hard

..or rather apparently come back to life.

So here we are. Out of running commission. No kids and no major responsibilities. Physics work is just wrapping up and so not too much stress there. And we have money.

This equals Leah transforming back into her Pine Grove (My Dad says everyone in Chicago lives on […]

Bad Dreams

Ok, so I’m busy and want to get some reading done on the train so a bit shorter today. Last night I had the worst dream ever. I mean I woke up and was shaking.

So I am standing up giving a presentation and I realize that it’s my PhD defense seminar. I then realize […]