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It’s opening day

Who’s ready for…A RAIN OUT! Yep, Leah and I have tickets to today’s game and it looks like it’s going to take a few butterflies flapping their wings to swing the weather our way. Boo to that, I say. And what’s really annoying is that I took one of my few personal days for this […]

Another PR

Well a longer report in the future, but I finished the Shamrock Shuffle in 36:57 according to my watch (Jason was just a little bit behind me). Two years ago we finished in 37:39 and so about a 40 second PR which was nice to see. I keep thinking that the time we took off […]

Never Going to Happen

Uh. Yeah.

Nope. Not sitting in a car for 90+ minutes, sleet and snow coming down and then not have a nice glass of wine. I didn’t feel great when I got home late last night anyways and so either I am going to try and hit the gym this afternoon, or we’ll run when […]



This is the view out of my office window….although the photobooth is not giving the BIG FUCKING FLAKES ANY JUSTICE. So much so that I don’t even know why I’m putting it in here. I MEAN IT’S LIKE WINTER STORM WATCH ALL OVER AGAIN.


Speedy McSpeedy

Yesterday was a speed workout day with 8x400m on the table. The plan as it usually is on Wednesday is to drive home from the lab, pick Jason up downtown and drive over to the lakefront to get the workouts in. We both like doing speedwork on the lakefront path because for the obvious reasons […]

Just a Run & Some Wackiness

Yesterday I commuted back to the city at about 6pm via Metra and then met Jason for the rest of the trip home on the CTA system. We got home and went right back out to get in our 4.5 mile run. I was pleasantly pleased because I was thinking that the weather was going […]

Lazy Monday

I am so enjoying taking the train. I know I know, this is alway the attitude in the Late March – Early June phase when the commuting for 4 hours a day doesn’t bother me. I am getting so much reading done and it’s just so much more relaxing. With only me going to Fermilab […]

Weekend Roundup

Well that was fun. We ended up with a super fun weekend in our backpockets.

On Friday we went to Map Room over on Armitage because well…because we wanted to. We went there many many years ago and remembered it being cool with lots of good beers. Jason’s friend from work and our very own […]

Whaaat….Kids in the Where?

That’s right…Kids in the Hall is on tour and coming to Chicago and Jason and I just picked up some tickets. We were surprised how not expensive they were….$36.50 for main floor tickets. So. Exciting!

Today is Good Friday and it’s really good because as i have mentioned every day, Jason has the day off. […]

Then I Started Screaming

So I’m laying in bed this morning listening to Drex in the morning (he’s good in the morning because he will actually talk about politics and not just whatever new sex position his listeners are trying out) and they are talking about the news and how Dick Cheney is a tool and so on. Then […]