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Still here and warm

Well, I am looking at the 10 day forecast in Chicago and I am thinking I could use a bit more sun before heading back. More show showers and garbage. But not here. Here it’s 79 and partly cloudy every day.

The winds are a bit strong and so we are just going to stick […]

Good times in Paradise

Day 3 of the vacation is going well. I have managed to get two runs in in the past two days. I use the word runs loosely as the first one was more of a 30 minute running/walking tour around Grand Case with my dad. Then this morning I decided to try and get some […]

Congrats all around

Just a few reasons to celebrate:

Yesterday my brother, Jamie, took and passed his first actuarial exam. He’s been studying awhile for this exam and the hard work obviously paid off. Apparently, 2/3 of people who take the test fail (a rather skewed curve, I’ d say), but not surprising he was in the better […]

I’m here

and I might never come back.


It’s great here and after a few crazy airports tramas (only tramatic to crazy fliers like me and my dad who is currently reading over my shoulder )

It’s hot and sunny and wonderful here.

Stay tuned for pictures and more!

Leah’s off to the airport

And, assuming everything’s going smoothly, is sitting in a cramped seat between some guy who’s way too sweaty for 6 in the morning and a lady who won’t stop clearing her throat. And, if this is the case, she’s wishing she had someone with whom to exchange an annoyed glance. Ha, that’ll be the last […]

Time to Sun and Sail

Yo people, this runner girl is heading out tomorrow bright and early. I don’t know why I always do this, but my flight is at 6am, meaning that me and my big ball of crazy will need to be at the airport at 4am, meaning I am needing to be up at 3. So I’ll […]


I love shoes, especially running shoes. When I worked at Sportmart back in the day I ended my summer working stint with hardly any money saved up as it all just went right back to Sportmart so I could get those super fab Nikes that had come out.

Now my love of shoes is obviously […]

Hills & He’s Almost Back

Yesterday I went to the gym for my 3 miles + strength work. I forgot my headphones yet again and so to make the run more interesting, I pushed the “hills” button after I had warmed up for a few minutes. I then increased the incline so that I was at level 10 (I believe […]

Another Sick, Tempo & Ice Cold

So Jason is uber sick. I went to pick him up after my run at the gym around 10:30. He went to bed and woke up and got out of bed at about 4pm. Then he went back to bed around 7pm (took some Nyquil) and woke up with the alarm at 6:15 this morning. […]

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

All around the Chicago blog-o-sphere there is much bitching about the weather. Yes we are all tired of bitching and complaining and yet can’t quite help ourselves. Why? BECAUSE IT’S SO BITCH ASS COLD OUT. We live on a first floor apartment with the worst heating system ever. I mean I am sure it’s “legal” […]