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We Need To Redo the Office

Our office room is a disaster. It’s impossible to do any work in here as the only space left is the tiny area right in front of the keyboard. There are a lot of options between getting another desk, more shelving or some of each. I don’t want to spend a ton of money because […]

A Very Merry Christmas Indeed

Well I gotta say, that was just about the best Christmas Jason and I have ever had…at least in awhile. So many details……I’m going to just tone it a bit down since it’s the day after Christmas and well I don’t want to blog that much.

Over the weekend we went to Jason’s parents house […]

We Don’t Want to Quit the Gym!

For you Friends enthusiasts you might understand what that is in reference too….Yes I am speaking to you two

Jason and I joined Cheetah Gym yesterday. Jason saw an ad in The Onion for a two for one deal with a very low initiation fee. So we will only pay $34.50 per person per […]

Winter Blogging

Is apparently right up there with my winter running.

Ok, so its been slow on the running scene, which I’m actually ok with. I love running (obviously) but it’s been ok to not only be a runner. There is a gym in Chicago that has a 2 for 1 deal until the end of the […]

3 is More than 0 but Less Than 5

Yesterday when Jason got home from work and after he marveled at some of the new Christmas decorations that I got, we went out for a run. The plan was to go 5. But as usual with winter running, the desire (even after getting dressed) is missing. The love of running is still there, don’t […]


Shutter Speed : 1/200sAperture : f/5.6ISO : 400Flash FiredFocal Length : 135mm (216 in 35mm)

Choosing Safety

Today I should have gone into the lab. There is a conference happening there where my analysis is going to be presented by a friend of mine. I wanted to be there in case there were any questions specific to my analysis, and my adviser suggested that I head in for the same reasons. However, […]


Exposure : 1/250 sAperture : f/5.6ISO : 400Flash FiredFocal Length : 135mm (216 in 35mm)

Too Much Fun on Friday Night

And by too much fun I mean too much booze. Jason and I had a few glasses of wine and then we went out to meet some of our physics friends at our local favorite Small Bar. When we got there it was way more crowded than I have ever seen it before and apparently […]