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A Few Good Things

So I was mentioning that I had some good news. It’s really just more of good updates rather than good news.

I had to give a talk in Bloomington on Monday going over my analysis. It was a presentation at the High Energy Seminar that they have weekly. I was fairly nervous going into the […]

Made it Up

All you have to do is put your two feet on the floor and not roll over and bang on the snooze button and you’re you for an AM run.

Not that I’m not sitting here falling asleep as I finish my oatmeal, but dammit I made it up! More later on some good news […]

A Fun Night

Friday night at the reunion was great. There were still some cliquish things happening and I am guessing, going by the number of people dancing and the amount of free liquor flowing, that there were plenty of “oh no’s” happening as they looked at the person they hooked up with, the morning following. My friend […]

The Big Night

Ok. Not really.

Tonight is my big 10 year reunion happening at Sluggers in Wrigleyville. I happened across a picture of myself and a good friend of mine during my freshman year of college…man I looked way young. With my new hair cut and my ability to now wear makeup and clothes that aren’t XL, […]

We Aren’t Moving…Yet

Well after having beef with our rental agency for the last week, we have decided not to move. They made big steps in attempting to fix the problem yesterday and so we’ll see if this work. I am guessing it won’t so there will be more tears and yelling and threats of lawyers in the […]

Fancy Dresses, Containers and Miles

This weekend was jam packed just the way we like them.

On Saturday morning I met up with my stepmom’s sister Andrea downtown at Macy’s (Yes I miss that it’s Marshall Fields…but Macy’s bought them…..there isn’t anything you can do about it) to do some shopping. Jason has a holiday party for his company coming […]


I love this time of year. My favorite holiday of the year is coming up in less than a week, which I can’t believe and then we are closing in on the big one for the year. I totally do not believe in buying any Christmas related things until after Thanksgiving. That was until I […]

I’m the Result of the Week

At Fermilab there is a daily publication called Fermilab Today. It’s a general noting of happenings at the lab. On Thursdays however, they have a description of a “Result of the Week”. It’s just a small article about a new analysis at the lab and this week… IT’S MY ANALYSIS.

You can read about it […]

Running, Volleyball & Perhaps Needing to Move

Yesterday I did 3 miles around the neighborhood around noon. It’s so nice to go running in the afternoons. Then I played volleyball at night….we won all three games.

Alright then, fascinating.

More interesting…we are having some problems with our super ghetto apartment and in the process of trying to get of our lease and […]

I Ran 4X

Well well well…..see what happens when you put your mind to something. You run a whopping 16.5 miles.

Ok. Ok. I know it’s nothing to cheer about, but the fact that I went out 4 times last week is something to cheer about. Even more exciting is getting out there for a 7 miler this […]