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5 Miles & the CTA

Yesterday me and my iPod went out for a nice 5 mile run around the neighborhood. My arm bad for my iPod broke in the middle of the run and so the iPod fell off which freaked me out…alright, was that not the most boring two sentences in the history of the blogging world I […]

Have You People Heard of myspace!?!?

Hi…..yeah….uh… right…I created a myspace page like a year and a half ago. I had one friend. I didn’t go there ever. Recently, I have been checking out some friends myspace pages, and then I would want to see pictures and it was all “You have to log in to see these”. So I was […]

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Did we do something fabulous, have adventures that took us far away, end up on a ship with no socks and look forward to Gandolf’s return (hello….bizarre Friends reference)?


No. We didn’t do anything super fabulous, or exciting and yet…yet!…it was the best weekend. Friday night I hung out with Lisa and some of […]

And So It Hits Me…

that working at home…means I am in this god awful apartment alone for 10 hours a day.


if i start thinking the cat should talk back…..then we’ll know we have a problem.

Seriously…this fucking sucks.

Running Fast and Fancy Free

Yesterday I went out for a 4 mile run around noon. Sunny and 50s, or really just the perfect weather for running…nice to get out of the apartment in the middle of the day as well.

With my iPod strapped to my head and a number of bobby pins securing my new short hair (I […]

Gone Gone Gone

This morning my dad and stepmom left to go back to their boat which is Luperon, in the Dominican Republic. They have been here since the beginning of September and although our apartment is a wee bit small for 4 people it was great having them here. They were September saviors when our life was […]

More Pictures

I have a website setup which has pictures and stories from the trip which I have updated to include pictures from all days of the trip. I haven’t updated the stories from our last few days in Hamburg, but it will be coming in the next few days.

Anyways, if you are interested in seeing […]

Stuck in Transit

Well well well….as much as I love to travel….not so much the getting home.

We are currentlz waiting in a train station in Hamburg (citz of nothing to do….literallz walked from one end of town to the other todaz……the ‘y’ and the ‘z’ are flipped on the German keyboard I am using….and saw everzthing there […]

Stories & Pics So Far

Well I got my iWeb/.mac back on and made a website to track the trip so far.

Head here : http://web.mac.com/leah_rieger/iWeb/Germany%202007/Welcome.html

to read stories and see lots of pictures from our first two days in Berlin..stay tuned there cause there will be more to come.

Talk is Over

My talk at the conference went well…although the first thing Jason said was that I talked really fast….he claims that he didn’t say it…but whatever I kid, I know that I tend to talk really fast and I go up a level when I’m really nervous. But I think it was ok. Most of the […]