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V02ing Our Asses Off

Yesterday we had a 9 mile run with 5x1000m @5K pace. Last week when we had our first VO2 max workout we had to take longer breaks between the repeats and so we were hoping for some improvement on that front.

I figured that a 3:40 marathon says your 5K pace should be about 7:15 […]

Marking Our Territory

Yesterday on the way home from the Lab, Jason and I stopped at Oakbrook Mall because I wanted to go to the Apple store to get the new iWork ’08 suite. Dad needs it too, so he had me get the family pack using his credit card. When I went to college my dad got […]

Side by Side

I just got up to head to the bathroom and asked Jason how his analysis was going when I realized…I have known this was coming of course…but in less than two weeks that will be no more.

For the last 5+ years Jason and I have worked side by side. Same university, same professor, same […]

Long Running….and Feeling GREAT

Yesterday, for the first time I felt like the old runner that I was about a month ago. No getting frustrated 2 miles in and turning around, no whining about how horrible running is. Just going and getting the job done.

We had 17 miles on the schedule. We were out of the house by […]


I first want to say hi to anyone that found their way to this blog from this post over at Pose Forums. There was a link to my scary finish photos on there and some comments. I wanted to comment over there but I don’t have permissions. Anyways.

I was especially overwhelmed…is that the right […]

Sore Throats, Goose Poop & 2/5

I have been battling a sore throat since about Monday. I am getting frustrated because my usual sick fix of sleeping as much as possible, isn’t working as well as usual. I have been sleeping about 11 hours at night and still waking up with a scratchy throat. Although this morning it’s actually maybe feeling […]

Well….Where Have We Been?

We’ve been around….not running as much as we should…..but getting back into it surely. So let’s not talk about what we haven’t been doing…but what we did get done.

Yesterday we had a V02 Max workout. This was the first one that we would have done since we missed the first one in the training […]

Every Year

Every year, I think around this time I get….I don’t know…just blah like.

Our run on Wednesday was a 12 mile run which we cut to 10 miles after we ran the first 5 miles and were exhausted…we ran walked the second half of the run.

Yesterday we had a 12 mile run again and […]

The Plan Worked

After 5 long years in graduate school…the plan has paid off. We always heard, oh get a PhD in physics and the companies will be beating down your doors. With Jason graduating in about 2 months, we haven’t had any companies banging down our door, and just a bunch of recruiters asking ridiculous questions that […]

Scary Photos

Remember in my race report, I mentioned that I felt like I was leaning really far backwards when I was finishing the race? I thought that it was all in “I felt that way” not “that’s actually what I was doing”. I just found the race photos online…and they are creeping me out. I look […]