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Music Music Music

This Friday, Saturday & Sunday….yes that’s right kids, you’re fearless duo has come across some Lollapalooza 3 day passes for this weekend. The tickets were a gift from the friends who’s son was in the hospital last week since they won’t be able to use them. So generous and so another big thank you out […]

The Farthest Since October 2006

After a long week of running we had a big fat 2-0 on the schedule for Sunday. We hadn’t run that far since the marathon in October last year.

We decided to drive down to Recreation Drive (by the tennis courts and totem pole) on the lakefront path so that we wouldn’t have any traffic […]

The LT Report

Well I suppose it could have gone worse.

I suppose the humidty could have been at a full 100% instead of the simple, I’m guessing, 99% that it was yesterday when we went out for a cool 11 miles with 6@LT pace. sigh.

We decided to do this run at Fermilab since we were stopping […]

It’s Coming….

The 11 miles with 6@LT will be taking place within the next two hours….

who’s stupid idea was it to plan runs like this one on a Friday. I loved my Friday’s off. boo.

Still busy at work, but have made some clever leaps and bounds with my analysis which should hopefully make systematic studies […]

12 miles of swimming running

It’s been a busy week for our little family here at jasonleahrun. As Leah mentioned yesterday, her Dad is in town from the Dominican to help out with his Godson and we’ve been doing whatever we can as well. The last couple days, all we’ve been able to do is be company (well, that and […]

Skipping Strides

Last night we had a 6 mile recovery run with 6x100m strides attached. I have been having this nagging pain in my ab area so decided to skip the strides part to try and give it more time to heal without sprinting up a storm on some strides.

Monday night my dad flew in from […]

Harry Potter, Striding and Long Running

Friday night Jason and I headed to Border’s for the Harry Potter release party. It was silly and goofy and all around wonderful. We played some Harry Potter Bingo and then watched as some kinds played a Harry Potter Spelling Bee. Lots of people were dressed up as their favorite characters and I must say, […]

These Weeks Are F*$%ing Hard

What the hell….did I not do these weeks last year? I think I didn’t because Jason and I had the trip to England and then it was hard getting back into the marathon training mindset.

I don’t know how people with real jobs do this. I am so tired but luckily the no real schedule […]

Rockin’ out in Millenium Park

Yesterday was another work-at-home day which was great because we were able to get some laundry done. Very! Exciting! There’s nothing quite like the smell of fresh, clean laundry (unless you were to just inhale a Bounce sheet, but that’s just a gateway drug. Next thing you know, you’re huffing Rubber Cement). But anyway, the […]

LT #3 Done. and Done.

Yesterday hosted our third Lactate Threshold run of the training cycle a mere 10miles with 5 at LT pace. Two weeks ago we did a LT run and you can see how it went here. For that run we were able to stick around 7:30s for the LT miles which was awesome. I didn’t know […]