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Miles, Cubs, Banks & Tastes

Yesterday went to the Jayhawks to join them for our 10 mile run. The ever famous Mouse was there…who is fabulous, it was nice to finally meet her and talk to her for more than the 2 minutes that we have gotten in the past.

The 10 miles was good, averaging 8:44 for the total. […]


That’s how my programming is going today. What the hell is going on?


Running yesterday was a nice 5 mile recovery. Tonight it’s 10 miles and some Jayhawk fun.

Frustrating day at work obviosuly…..but in exciting news from my better half…..Jason got the go ahead to get any job he finds starting now! As […]

Just a Normal Wednesday

Haven’t run yet today but we do have a 5 mile recovery run that we’ll banging out later this afternoon. I have a love/hate relationship with recovery runs. As they are recovery our pace is much slower than a normal run, so it seems to take a lot longer to get through the run. On […]

This is fun…

I have been following this guys other site for awhile. He’s riding from Chicago to the east coast on his bike and either updating on the trip himself or having his friends back home post for him. A super fun idea and he’s doing great so check him out :


I wonder how far […]

A Tale of Two Runs

You see, it’s like A Tale of Two Cities, except it’s different because I replaced the word “cities” with “runs.” Well, that and I might actually make it all the way through this post.

Anyway, we had 8 miles with 10×100 strides today. After going to bed extremely early yesterday (see: lingering hangover) we were […]

Sunday’s for Running and for Partying (apparently)

Well the weekend is now over…..good running and good partying made for quite the Sunday.

Saturday we didn’t do much of anything. We got our 4 mile recovery in and then cleaned our place up and I ended up napping to the Cubs game. We really wanted to relax on Saturday because we knew how […]

Perfect 10!

Yesterday the plan called for 10 miles. After Tuesday’s debacle of a run I was worried. Lots of times it happens that I have shitty runs followed by other shitty runs….followed by….well you get the idea. I don’t know if get a bad mental bug or the fact that I had a bad run in […]

Four miles, slow and steady

Yesterday was a rough day as Leah and I were both extremely tired. The fact is, we’ve been tired all week after a weekend where we, once again, did too much. Leah detailed it in a previous post, but I think all the running and walking and biking caught up to us a bit. We […]

Deal of the Century

Because it was impossible for me to bike with the backpack that apparently weighs the same as plutonium, I started looking for alternatives that were yes more girly and not so large. I really liked the Timbuk2 Commute messenger bag…but there is no way that I was going to spend $100 on something that was […]

Who Knows

Well my LT run did not go as planned, that much is obvious from my previous post. But what the hell happened? Let’s review.

Because I was giving a talk in the afternoon we decided to do the run at Fermilab. This usually works out pretty well because it’s very flat and very boring, so […]