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Questioning Conditioning Level?

Last night we started week one of the Pfitz marathon 18/55 plan. If you would say that there are actually 19 weeks left until the plan you would be correct. However, next week is the GMR relay and so we will miss that week of official training runs, although I do plan on doing more […]

What’s up with our cat?

Our little kitty Dagny used to be so cute…

That’s not her.

She used to be so tiny and cute with really big ears and a really skinny body…

That’s not her either.

Now she’s gotten all big and rolly-polly. All she does is sit around and be fat.

Nope, that’s not her either. But […]

Do Not Look Ahead.

A name of the next trashy mystery book I read….or did I just type in the Pfitz/Douglas (btw why doesn’t this guy ever get the credit when people talk about the plan….his name is on the book too….) marathon training program into the nifty Google Calendars. I forgot how hard some of the middle weeks […]

A Nice Dozen

We just got home from our weekly long run. Our weekly mileage this week came to 37 which I am thrilled about. I was very worried that we weren’t going to be ready to get on that Pfitzinger boat since the mileage is so high, but we handled this week with no problems which is […]

Recovery Day…again

I’m sorry, I’m not going to write about the second recovery run in four days. It’s just too boring. We kicked out five miles in a 9:36 pace (give or take) which is slightly faster than we should technically run the recovery but…what else is new.

Today Leah’s fun Aunt Andrea is coming over for […]

When Shuffling Runs is Good

Yesterday we left work a bit early because we wanted to have our car for various reasons this weekend and were planning on working home today. Leaving earlyish is good to bypass commuter traffic.

When we got home and saw the wind howlin’ down our street we started to question the desire to go out […]


(one of my favorite pictures I have taken)

Slow, steady, hot, and boring wins the race

Leah and I were forced to slow down for a recovery run last night and a well deserved recovery run, I might add; we’ve been running our asses off recently (yep, ran them right off. two butts lying on the floor. Don’t see that every day). Still, as necessary/important/blah blah blah as recovery runs are, […]

Spaceship or Old Detector?

Another Threshold in the Bank


Oh yeah.


Lactate Threshold runs suck.

Yesterday we had planned on a 6 mile run with 3 of those miles at an LT pace. We had done something similar 2 weeks ago when we did 5 miles with 2 at threshold. All of these LTs are just “bonuses” because the true marathon training […]