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Ever so cold

You know what’s crazy? Crazy people. You know what else is crazy? The water terperature over on the corner of Western and Iowa.

After our long run yesterday, we were good little soldiers and took our ice bathes. Sometimes people add ice to an ice bath (hence the name) and, sure, we’d do this but […]


Smoke, Fire & Running Long

I woke up this morning around 6:30 in the morning to the sounds of ambulance and firetruck sirens. They sounded close and I was convinced in my morning haze that the city was burning down. ABC news was reporting that a building fairly close to our apartment was in the middle of a 3-alarm fire. […]

Something I Love

Bad day, Awesome night

So yesterday was not the best of days, culminating a long week of pretty-badness. The solution to a bad week? A bottle of wine, awesome nachos, some trashy DVR, a Cubs win, and general happiness.

After work, Leah and I grabbed some Garrett’s popcorn and,through the magic ofcaramel corn, the bad week started to melt […]


A Run Full of Rage

I hadn’t planned on running yesterday. From the looks of of weather.com and the 90% chance of thunderstorms they had going on all day, I didn’t think it was going to be possible.

However, the weather held off and it was a fine evening so we went for our 4 mile run. Mainly so that […]

Where Did This Sky Go?

If You Run…..

Yesterday I was pretty much miserable all day. I was cold and went and tired and I didn’t want to go running. At. All.

On the walk home from the train it wasn’t raining though and we had dried out by then. I knew we were going to do the miles anyways and if we […]

My City Smells Like Chocolate…What About Yours?