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Take My Own Advice

Well well well. I commented on Joe’s blog the other day about how good it was for him to take the day off when he wasn’t feeling well…blah blah blah…

And what did I do yesterday. After feeling uggy all week, I came home at noon, slept from 2-5 and got up and thought it […]

Run Run Run Till Her Footsteps Take Her Miles Away

Hahaha. See what I did there. Oh I am SO clever.

Anyways. Yes.

We’ve been running.

It’s been great getting back into it! I think what happens when we have been on such a hiatus from running is that we lose our rhythm and so when we go ok, let’s go three miles easy we, […]

Three Weeks, Three Vacations – (3)

We got back to Chicago around 10pm on Sunday night. I worked for about 14 hours on Monday morning on the materials concerning the Washington D.C. trip that would be happening during the week. We got up around 2:45am on Tuesday morning and it was back on it. We HAD planned on taking the CTA […]

What’s Happening Now?

Well just a quick break from my vacation reports for a quick what’s going on now in the Leah Jason world.

After getting back late on Friday we had a wonderful weekend in the City. It was wierd to be out of our apartment for the three straight weeks and so it made being home […]

Three Weeks, Three Vacations – (2)

I took a LOT of pictures in the Bahamas. So to get the most out of them I uploaded them to Picasa. Click on the albums within the posts for a big set of pictures from that particular day of the trip!

On Saturday afternoon we made our way to the Bahamas. We had a […]

Three Weeks, Three Vacations – (1)

Well well well Jason and I are back home again in Chicago and wow is it weird to be away from your home for 3 solid weeks. Packed in those three weeks we had a week at my mom’s house, a week in the Bahamas and a week in Washington D.C. which was more of […]

We’re HOME!!!

…but only for today.

Jason and I returned home last night from a 16 day vacation to Florida to visit my mom and then onto the Bahamas to live aboard my dad’s 40ft sailboat for a week. It feels great to be home, but it’s short lived since we are off to Washington DC tomorrow […]

We find ourselves in the Bahamas

The land of sun and blue seas in the Bahamas is beyond my greatest expectations. Sure they tell you that the water is really blue, but goddamn….IT REALLY IS!

We had a great time at my mom’s house although much of it was sad due to my grandparents state…more on that later. We have been […]

Greetings from the Land of Sun

A quick check of weather.com…

Hey, it’s not even that bad in Chicago! Current temp of 23 with a feels like of 11, but a high of 34. In fact, it’s going to be in the 40’s by the end of the week. That’s not bad at all. I think everyone should be pretty happy […]