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We’re Famous!

Well ok, famous in little physics circles.

In the newest Symmetry publication (Symmetry is a joint publication between Fermilab and another high energy lab that is located in California), there is an article about married physics couples are we are in it, which is exciting. You can read the article here and see some pictures […]

Warmness Here I Come!

oh Friday. Why are you still three days away? Sarasota for 8 days and then the Bahamas for 8 days…..Get me the hell outta Chicago in March!

I suppose I was a bit confusing last time I posted. We just barely were able to get the tickets when we got them…but it’s only money right? […]

Talking to Dad….Barely

My dad lives aboard his 40 ft sailboat which is now located in the Bahamas. For the first time since …well since forever, I haven’t been able to talk to him on a daily basis. That’s right, I call my parents almost everyday. Leave me alone. Now that he and my stepmom are in the […]

We’ll be Cheering


The Shamrock Shuffle filled up and we didn’t sign up. That’s what you get for saying, I’ll get to it tomorrow. But we’ll come out and cheer for all you cool smart kids that signed up in time

This Used to be a Running Blog….



The last two days Jason and I have left our apartment at 6:30am and gotten home around 8:30pm. That’s 14 hours if you are keeping count. 2 hours are driving so that’s a 12 hour day. Yesterday I got home and did a bit more work finishing the night out at 9:30pm.

I […]

12 hours later….

and I was still at the lab so we missed out on the science book readings. A bit frustrating because I had been looking forward to going to that for a couple weeks. On the up side we spent about 2.5 hours with our advisor going over Jason’s upcoming High Engery Physics Seminar (doesn’t he […]

$200 later

The window is fixed and we got some new windshield wipers. I have to give a HUGE recommendation to Safelite Auto Glass. You just give them a call, they tell you how much it will be and when a tech will be there. Then you wait patiently in front of your window watching your poor […]


I actually get up at 5am since I have so much work to do, Jason goes to get the car warmed up as I finish a few things and he comes back saying our car was broken into.

The back passegner window has been broken and we thought it was because we had left some […]


Well that word describes my Sunday. Which was awesome. We got up early and walked down to the laundrymat. I don’t know why we don’t always do this as the place is about 3 blocks from our apartment. I guess usually we have our entire wardrobe dirty and so it wouldn’t work, but if we […]

Letters, Letters, Letters

In about a month I’ll be taking a trip to Washington D.C. to visit with various Congress folks to discuss the importance of science funding. I have mentioned that I went on this trip last year and have been invited back for another round. I love Washington D.C. so I’m excited to have been invited […]