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Bears Eating Colts!

This picture was on the front page of the Chicago Tribune this morning. These are two of the Bears at Brookfield Zoo….eating a Colt helmet pinata! How do you not love it!

Yesterday we had volleyball in the evening and so there was no running. I did however warm up before the match with 15 […]

Now you’ve done it

You had to go and draw on the Holy Peyton Manning Coasters. Not a wise move.

Courtesy of Deadspin, we have the true result of a Bear/Colt matchup. I hate to bring out the big guns, but that’s what you get for mocking Peyton.


Getting through Two

Two runs that is not two miles. And seriously the best two runs that I have had in WEEKS!

After getting home on Friday we decided to move our run to Saturday…just cause. It was a really nice afternoon and we opted for a really long walk around the neighborhood and a stop in a […]

It’s Not Magic

I do this all the time. I think that well, I could run 10 miles like 4 weeks ago, so why shouldn’t I be able to do 9 miles it now.

Cause you haven’t run for 2 weeks that’s why.

We went 5.5 miles yesterday instead of the 9 miles that is on the marathon […]

Starting Again

Yesterday we ran….yep we ran a whole 4 MILES!!!! I’m not sure what the average pace was, but somewhere under 9min/miles and under 10min/miles, which is right about where we should be.

The rest of the week is looking like :Thur : 9 milesFriday: 5 milesSaturday : Movie marathon on my couchSunday : 18…really…what….ok

That’s […]


Today will be first run (just 4 miles) since the Colts and Bears both made The Super Bowl!!!!

Speaking of which (not that it’s been on our minds or anything), what the hell am I going to do? Which team do I want to win? I honestly have no idea. When in doubt, make […]

Will Start Again…Tomorrow

I’m giving myself one more day of recovery…why…cause I want to (& cause the schedule says so)

Last night even with the slight headaches that we were carrying around with us, we managed to make it our volleyball game at 7:30. Apparently all the drinking really helped Jason as the Ref asked him if […]

Greatest Weekend Ever…..IT HAPPENED

I am pretty much without words on the greatness of the past weekend.

The weekend started out with the Cubs convention. We went to this last year and I’ve got to say this year there was a lot more excitement in the air about the team. With a new coach and a load of new […]

WE ARE SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

GO BEARS!!!!!!!!!! GO COLTS!!!!!


Getting ready for the weekend


Okay, we tried this last year and things ended badly. Last year we had the same setup: Cubs Convention, Cubs Convention, Bears, Colts. It seemed like it would go down as the greatest sports weekend ever, but it ended up sad in the end.

This year, it should be […]