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made me laugh so hard Listerine almost shot out of my nose….instead it sprayed out of my mouth and all over our walls…..I hope the laughter happened after my 30s rinse time.

Our run last night went well, 7 miles in just over an hour which was slightly less than 9 minute miles. We have […]

Sore Sides and 3 Loses in VB

Well we played my least favorite team in volleyball yesterday. They bitch about every call and since I am the weakest player on the team they kept hitting the ball at me….which I say fine because it’s just more practice for me. Since these games really mean nothing they’re stupid, if they never aimed it […]

Time To Detox

If you call napping for 2 hours on the couch running 12 miles…..then we ran 12 miles yesterday. If you call it slacking then you and I are in the same boat and so we’ll leave it at that.

Jason and I got home from Indiana around 11am yesterday to a very cranky Cat who […]

Too Optimistic

Ok 27 miles isn’t going to happen…..I think that my knees didn’t like the hills around here in southernish Indiana so we are going to skip this morning’s 8 miles. We are going to try and get 12 or 13 in tomorrow however so we’ll still end up at 20+ miles for the week. Given […]

Thanksgiving Running

Oh Turkey, you are so tasty (In Scrubs Molly sings a song to her Chicken Salad sandwich….very similar tone here….she also says “Kielbasa” with rock star fingers (or maybe the ‘I love you’ sign…..I don’t know…but if you haven’t seen the episode it’s AWESOME) and Jason and I keep walking up to each other saying […]

Slip and Fall….

and a Toe could have gotten the brunt of it

Last night I was home cleaning while Jason was out at the Laundrymat (dividing and conquering) when the phone rang. It was Jason’s mom calling to talk to me about something on the computer so I headed into our office to take a look at […]

A Week Off

WHEEEE!!!! I get an extra week before training for Sarasota starts. I thought I had to start on Dec 4th….BUT after typing the plan into my calendar I found that I start on Dec 11th. Nice to see because now I get an extra week after Thanksgiving to get my ass in gear and my […]

Slugging Through It

Well they can’t all be perfect.

All the runs can’t feel like frolicking through the fields with butterflies buzzing around you.

Sometimes the runs hurt and aren’t comfortable for most of the steps you take…

But then, then you look around and look at your city with open eyes and tired legs and fall in […]

Around town

…for an easy 6.

Nothing special today run wise. Today was a day of “fitting in the run” as we had to go to work, dodge traffic on the way home (i.e., not leave at rush hour), and then run before we headed out to Small Bar to meet some fun people. The time of […]

One up

Yesterday’s run sort of reminded me of the old Larry Bird vs. MJ commercials. You know, the “through the rafters, off the bleachers, of the mascot’s crotch, nothing but net” commercials where Jordan and Bird consistently tried to one-up each other.

For us, it was “okay, run the main ring plus the accelerator ring but […]