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Great Midwestern Relay….Name Contest

I realize there is a lot of cross readers between here and Barbs blog here, BUT I just wanted to mention here as well that we will be running the Great Midwestern Relay that runs from Madison Wisconsin to Chicago. The team will be :

Leah & JasonLeah’s Cousin Lisa (who is not yet a […]

70 Degrees? October 30th?

I’ll take it!

I went out running yesterday for the first time since the 2006 Chicago Marathon. My dad gave me a new iPod nano and so I made a running playlist for roughly 1 hour of running. It’s really fun to have playlists as usually I just put a bunch of songs together that […]

The Wall

At the Chicago Marathon race expo, Leah and I subscribed to a year’s worth of Running Times. I mean, why not, they gave us a free technical shirt and hat which must have been worth damn near the cost of the subscription (unless…wait, you don’t think running clothes might have a huge markup, do you? […]

Square One

Well. Sigh.

For those of you that read this know that I am working on my PhD in physics. I work at the Fermi National Laboratory on one of the experiments called D-Zero. When I think about the sentance, “I work at the Fermi National Laboratory, the biggest physics lab in the world” (biggest for […]

The next step

I have some hopes of taking my running career to the next level. Of course, next level for me is a 3:30 marathon since the Olympics are probably out of reach, but that level’s still going to take some work.

You see, right now my legs aren’t all that strong. I discovered this about 5 […]

What’s next?

Well no running for a few more days. I decided to give myself a full week off from running, since I have been training basically since January 1st with little to no days off. This was a great idea until I remembered that the reason I love to run is that I get to step […]

Party Pics

After the marathoning fun we went to the RBF meetup that was at Goose Island. We had so much fun meeting runners and putting head and bodies to the words they we have been watching for the last few months. Just a story in pictures. Tomorrow our plans and how hard it is to NOT […]

Chicago 2006 – The Jason Report

And now we get to the not-so-pretty side of running.

The first 18 miles of this run will seem remarkable similar to Leah’s. It was amazing. Amazing how easily I was able to run at such a fast clip. Usually, for me, starting out a run at a sub-9 minute mile make me feel as […]

Chicago 2006 – In Leah’s Eyes

On Friday night after watching the brilliant movie ‘Stick It’ (by the makers of ‘Bring It On’) Jason and I went to bed at about 9:30. I knew there was no point in getting to bed any earlier because I wouldn’t have fallen asleep anyways. I tossed and turned for about an hour, but I […]

Done & Done

Leah : 3:45:41 (awesome)Jason : 3:57:3 (sweet….he hit some major pain at 18 so we seperated)

full report to come later. (I am pretty stoked right now!!!)