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It’s windy and I’m weary

I’m starting to get pretty tired so I think it’s time to taper.

Some rather fantastic lyrics to a Barry Manilow-esque song about running? No, just the way I feel today.

Leah and I had ten miles to get in today and, since we also had to take in the rent to the one […]

Forgot to Mention Speed

With the bitches over ot Hayes Properties consuming my mind I totally spaced on talking about our workout on Wednesday, so here we go.

The plan was 10 miles with 4×1200 @ 5K pace. We ran the 4 miles down to the track, stretched and started running. I don’t know if was because we left […]

Do Not Rent From HAYES PROPERTIES – Part 2

Didn’t catch part one? Read it here.

Three days before it’s time for the lease to transfer hands, Jason a.k.a. Wonder Husband, called the Big Bad Rental Agency (Leah pretty much refused to talk to them after the makeup case incident) to find out how to get our keys back to them. Simple question equaled […]


A story of a bad rental agency.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful happy running couple by the names of Jason and Leah. After their wedding in 2004 they moved into their dream house (ok apartment) in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Wrigleyville. They were close to their beloved Cubbies, […]

Recovery for Reals

Yesterday was a 5 mile run with 6x100m strides. We started the run from our old apartment so we would be forced to finish there so we would be forced to fill more boxes and move them. I hate this moving in town shit. When you move out of town you better have everything done […]

My Little Helper

Working from home today and only somewhat torturing kitty :

5 Paced, Phase 2, 17 LSD & I’m 27

This weeked was BUSY! On Friday night we went to our old apartment and apparently, “Jason, all we have to do is pack up a few things in the kitchen and we’ll be done.” was slightly exagerrated. We started opening all the cabinets and realizing how much storage space we have in that apartment compared […]

It Only Took 8 Hours

And another missed day of work. Whatever, Comcast comped us and addition 25 dollars on top of the 3-4 days we had already gotten. Hopefully we won’t have as many problems now.

BUT because we had to stay home all day yesterday, we had to come into work today to try and catch our advisor. […]

Comcast, The Last 4 Miles and Furniture

oooooh I am livid. We had an outage all day yesterday and we just got all of our services hooked up on Monday. Not looking good for Comcast so far. I love when you call these places and they say, “Well we just know there is an outage, but we don’t know what it is […]

Just the Norm V02 Max

Tonight was another V02 Max workout. After last weeks 5×1000 repeats we were ready to kick some ass on 5×600 repeats.

We did the 4 miles to the track and since there aren’t any markers on the track I just change the units on Garmin to meters and then set the quick workout for intervals […]