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Cashing In

Jason and I have decided to cash in our week that we have in the bank. We started this training program 3 weeks early to take into account our trip to England, scheduling issues, injuries etc. We are still a week ahead and since last week didn’t go quite as planned we are going to […]

11 Miles!

Well I got through it…but Holy Ass was it humid out. By the time I was finished with the run it looked like I had gone swimming. So. Gross.

The run was good. The first 8 miles were a bit faster than the last 3 but I had to stop for more water towards the […]

Running from Demons

Tonight I ran.

I ran alone.

I ran against all the “I can’ts” “I won’ts” & “I don’t wanna’s”

I found new running paths.

I ran up some hills and down some hills.

I ran too fast.

I ran too hard.

I ran too far.

I had fun.

I got to a point in my […]

Indiana Jones on the Big Screen

Wow was that fun!

Raiders of the Lost Ark was playing at the Music Box theater which is around the corner from our apartment. It was some new 35mm release or something. Either way I hadn’t seen any of the Indiana Jones movies on the big screen so when we noticed that it was playing […]

Somebody fetch me a little Ukranian woman!


Today was an attempt to repeat the lactate threshold run that went not so well yesterday. Unfortunately, the repeat was a bit too similar to the original.

Leah and I both started out together with the intent to do the warmup more slowly than yesterday and that worked out pretty well. Our paces were […]

Lactate Threshold Nightmare


That. Was. Bad.

I don’t know what else to say. The plan was 10 miles with 5 at 15K pace. We were going to go 2 mile warm up. 5 Miles LT and then 3 miles cool down. Sounds good. Not so much as by the time we got to 3.5 miles I was […]

Beach Time is Good…

even if it’s short.

Jason and I went to the beach today because I have been dying to go forever. We got there at about 10am…just in time to get hit with a few sprinkles, which you know was pretty awesome. The rain let up almost immediatly and the sun came out and jason and […]

12 Miles down and …..

a hard week to come.

Well we did it. We got through 12 miles yesterday. I got home from work around 9am and just layed down in bed for one second and I could feel the sleep enveloping me. I totally could have gone to sleep right then and woken up at 3 and gotten […]

5 Miles + Apartments

The not too interesting :

Ran 5 mile recovery run and felt great, slow and steady. TONS of people on the lake front path, beautiful day yadda yadda.

The very interesting :

On Friday Jason and I started the apartment hunt. We don’t really have to move until the end of September but thought we […]

Book Review : Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen

This was the first time I had read a book by Jane Austen, or any one of the so called classics. I have tried to pick this book up before but was immediatly turned off because of the language and I was always reading it at bedtime and so I would get through […]