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More Non Running

Well it looks like all the shit has caught up with us. Oh well. We are still so far out from the marathon that I am not too concerned about it. The original plan of course was to run 5 miles yesterday and then 17 today. We didn’t get the 5 miles in yesterday because […]

Much Needed Non Running

Well I can chalk up yesterday to being one my worst days ever. Nothing seemed to go right from presentations, to exhausted freak outs, to bad food, to stomach issues, to highways being closed.

Today we were supposed to run a 5 mile recovery. That’s not going to happen as I haven’t eaten much all […]

Work Until You Puke….


Little Leah did perhaps a bit too much. Perhaps working for 14 hours straight and having a nervous breakdown for 1.5 hours for that and THEN run 10 miles averaging 8:44 miles (last mile at 7:36!!!) is too much.

OR I had some bad food. I am going with option two as I’m still […]

Just When I Thought I Was Out….


Well my practice talk sucked. I got only critisims and no compliments. AND I have to add in all kinds of shit to the talk. All kinds of physics results and plots and whatever. Which is fine, but it would have been nice if that would have been brought up […]

So. Sore.

For all of you out there who scoff at the athleticism of baseball players, let me assure you that they are better than you give them credit for (shame on you).

I played softball for 2 and a half hours yesterday. And today? I can make no movement that doesn’t result in some level of […]

Quick Recovery

The run wasn’t too quick…but this post will be. The run was good, just a nice easy 5 miles. I don’t remember the splits offhand but we averaged a 9:45 pace. Maybe a bit quick, but I am so worried about all the work I have to do I wanted to get into the lab […]

Now THAT’s…

A really, really, really, really hard run.

Holy crap, that run was exhausting.


This morning, before heading out to work (4-midnight shift this week), Leah and I had a 9 mile run with 4 miles at Lactate Threshold pace. Now, this wasn’t our first time lactating. Just two weeks ago we ran eight miles […]

Now THAT’S The Way It Should Be

15 mile long run today.

no pain.no tiredness.no boredom.no crying about being slow

A whole lot of laughing.A dude playing, “If you’re happy and you know it …” under Lake Shore Drive at Navy Pier.A couple getting married on a boat near Buckingham Fountain, we made it time for the, “I pronounce you…” while everyone […]

I’ve been tagged!

A) Four Jobs I’ve Had in My Life: Shoes Sales Girl at SportMart Summer job in a physics lab putting together the new detector that is now at Dzero CAD desinger for an HVAC company Physics grad student

B) Four Movies I watch over and over:

Indiana Jones (all 3) Clue 13 Going on 30 […]

Not Perfect But Complete

Well another weird run today. I don’t know what the problem is. Ok that’s total bullshit because I have an idea of what the problem might be. I am not sleeping well during these midnight shifts. Last “night” I woke up at 1pm, 2pm, 3,4 and 5 at which point I finally just got out […]