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We Are Tough

And Tired! So apologies in advance for a sleepy post.

Today we had to get a 12 mile run in. I am still on shifts at good ole’ Fermi Lab from 4-midnight so we HAD to go after we woke up in the late morning. There wasn’t an option of putting it off until later […]

Leaving Work at Midnight

Leaves you with a very empty parking lot. I know you all want to be at a physics lab between 4 and midnight on a Saturday night. Let me tell you it’s VERY exciting.

1 Week to Indy

Well the race is almost upon us. We have one week to go, with only one long run left and then a pretty easy running schedule next week. I have many reasons to look forward to this race, but I am way excited because my dad and stepmom are coming in to watch. They live […]

Well That Was Better

First off I want to thank everyone that commented on my post yesterday. I think a regroup day is almost in order. With the race just a week away I want to try and stay in the game. We are planning for some days off (which in my opinion should involve lots of beers!) after […]

Not So Much Tempo Run as….

I don’t know….walking home

The run did not go well this morning. Jason and I went to bed around 3am after the nice long drive home yesterday and got up at 9am. I honestly have not slept that hard in a long time. I don’t think I moved at all during the night because […]

Stupid Stupid CARS!!! I Hate Them.

What don’t you want to see after you have been at work for over 12 hours and it’s after midnight? As you are wearily making your way to your vehicle, what don’t you want to see happening to your rear tire? That’s right, a flat.

Jason and I got to Fermi Lab around 12 pm […]

Tempo Run called on account of teeth

Today we were slated for a 45 minute tempo run, which actually probably would have gone really well since both Leah and I felt really good during yesterday’s run. However, the teeth must come first so there was the first Tooth Delay of our marathon training.

As Leah’s mentioned before, she has a few issues […]

Dallas, A Crabby Cat & 5 Miles

Jason and I just got back from a trip to Dallas, TX. The annual American Physical Society (APS…we all love anagrams) meeting was held there this year. We got there on Friday and were able to get runs in on Saturday and Sunday which is always a nice thing to able to do when you […]

White Rock with Runner Susan!!!

What a fun run we had today! We had plans to meet up with Runner Susan for our weekly long run while we are in Dallas for a conference. We had plans to run at a local park called White Rock which she said was near our hotel. It took us a couple of u-turns […]

Well That’s One Way to Get the Miles in.

Ok, I have to start this post by mentiong that in most cases I have an absurdly good sense of direction. I always know which direction I came from and how to get home if we just went for a meandering run. Apparently that is not true in Texas.

Jason and I had a 5 […]