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The Expo Report

The race report will have to wait until Sunday (and until my psychic powers develop, it will have to remain that way), but until then there’s the Expo Report.

Let’s just say, it’s a good thing we got paid today. Leah might have gone a bit over the deep end. Not to say the outfits […]


Alright, so there is a way inside joke between Jason and I happening here when I keep saying RACE DAY or EXPO DAY. A couple years ago my friend from college got married in Bloomington, Indiana. We were living in B-town at the time and of course went to the wedding but then continued to […]

Five Days and Counting

After our 3 mile run, it was time to commute back out the Batavia. Leah is currently doing another practice run of those detector shifts that we’ve mentioned a few times (you know, the ones that are going to screw with our schedule until we go insane) and so we didn’t have leave for work […]

Tomorrow I’m On An Expo Quest

So being about 6′ tall I need a 10.5 size running shoe. I used to work at a Sportmart and at stores like these they don’t even order the 10.5 womens shoe. After 10 it goes by whole sizes, so 11 would be the next size. Specialty running stores usually carry the 10.5 which is […]

Stupid Football

What kind of sport is that, anyway? You know what a real sport is? Running forward for a long time until you stop.

Football. Pfft.

Why am I raging against football? Well, today Leah and I were scheduled to run 400’s today for our weekly speedwork and we had begun doing at the Wheaton College […]

Speed Later

***editors note (by editor, I mean LeahC). At my computer here at work the pictures in this post look very dark. It was kind of the point for them to be darkish with high contrast when I took them, but here they are almost too dark to see. If you click on them you can […]

4.5…Nice and Slow

Today Jason and I went out for a 4.5 mile run which was really nice. I wore the new T-Shirt which was alright just a little big. I’m going to have to try and dry it and see if I can get it to fit better without resizing itself to a childs x-small.

Last night […]

What is this Blog about?

Jason and I started this blog while we were training for the 2005 Chicago Marathon. I think that it is very common anymore for people who are training for some race to start a website to talk about their training and what the heck they are doing (because let’s face it when you are new […]

The People are Back

We ran along the lake front path this morning as we always do and to our delight the path was packed full of runners and bikers and roller bladers and dogs and walkers and kids. I love when the weather starts to take a turn for the best and Chicagoans all seep out of their […]

Pace run

Leah has already posted about our nifty new T-Shirts, which turned out brilliantly, but what about today’s run?

Well, we were due for a 4 miles pace run and so we left from our apartment and went under the newly re-opened underpass at Addison so that we could run along the lakefront as long as […]