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My Kind of Town….

Chicago Is…..My Kind of Town.

Jason and I just got back from a 5.3 mile run. Again it was about 48 degress when we left for our run. And again I over dressed. I had on windpants….which by the way if it’s really windy out just turn into like wind balloons :-), then a […]

Great Run

Today jason and I went for about 3.75 miles. I was concerned after yesterdays run because my shins hurt so bad. I don’t know what the deal is with this problem. It almost feels like those muscles in front of my shins on the outside are getting super tight, almost like they are spasming. I […]

Preferred Start I

So I was just at the Shamrock Shuffle website and not only do Jason and I get a Preferred start but we get a Preferred I start. So I guess there are 3 qualifying bins, Competative, Preferred I and Preferred II

Competitive Start:004-05 LaSalle Bank Shamrock Shuffle 8K: < 0:35:592004-05 LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon Half [...]

Cocktails and Brownies

Well Jason had to go into work today because he has to be done with this analysis by next week. eeek. So I had the day to myself as Friday’s are the days we deem, “Work at Home days”. I did do some work, but I found this cool program called Comic Life on the […]


AUGH I hate meetings! Thursdays tend to be a pretty busy day for us here at the lab. We have either an 8:30am or 9:00am meeting depending on which week it is, which is fine, but today we are meeting with our advisor at around 5pm and then I have a Graduate Student Association officer […]

Drivers : Always ALWAYS look for pedestrians!

This morning Jason and I got up at our usual 7:15 and were out the door by 7:40. We decided to shake things up a bit, yes we here at the Welty-Rieger household can get pretty crazy, and go for a looping run instead of just an out and back which we tend to do […]

No Gym but Great Run

Last night we didn’t leave Fermi Lab until about 8:15pm (after losing 3 games in volleyball !! ) So by the time we got near the gym it was 9:15 and Jason and i were exhausted and so decided to skip on the gym so that we won’t totally wear ourselves down.

Our run this […]

New Technology

I am starting to freak out about our new computer. As it is a new technology I am starting to worry that nothing I need will work. And by nothing, i mean one program that I need for my physics analysis. I have posted a question on a discussion forum with no response, sent an […]

Remembering LOoOoOng Sunday runs

Today Jason and I went out for what ended up being ~4.5 miles. It was really a wonderful as the weather was pretty nice (at a balmy 32 degrees) and our underpass has finally been reopended so we were able to jump onto the lake front path immediatly.

When we got to the lakefront […]

Google Earth

So they recently (finally!) released Google Earth for the Mac. And now that I am running Tiger I can use said program. Holy Cow is that program amazing! Below is the little easy 3.something mile run that Jason and I have been doing lately, click on it to make it larger. When you draw the […]