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Well Jason sums up nicely below the last week of running…or non running. We are on the road again starting wednesday for a conference down in Bloomington. I think maybe just setting the bar a little lower for this week would be alright. Maybe try and get 16 miles in…..4 runs of 4 miles. we’ll […]

Vacation over

In honor of a holiday built on eating, napping, and watching football, Leah and I ran very little this last week. Sure, it’s sad to see the mileage graph take a dip, but in this case it was sort of necessary.

I think after the marathon, when we were ready to start running again, we […]

Fort Wayne Long Run

We spent the weekend at Jasons’ parent’s house in Fort Wayne, IN to celebrate Thanksgiving since we will be going to my aunt’s house on Thursday (by the way, this is by far my favorite holiday of the year….so much delicious food!)

We didn’t run on Friday or Saturday to give our poor shins a […]


Yesterday we ran at Fermi Lab again and I had a lot of pain on the outside of my shins. This is so annoying because of course I can still run forward but it was really painful. I get this often and lots of times it starts to happen when my shoes start to go. […]

Quick Note about distance

I just wanted to mention that the distance we ended up going last night was about 6.9 miles. This is a little more reasonable for us right now than 8 miles two nights in a row. The run really was nice because we didn’t have to stop at any lights. I think we got lucky […]

Left, Right, Left, Right…

A military parade?

Nope, it’s just the adventures of Insane Girl and her dashing sidekick, Jason…the Great. This is the sidekick’s story.

To make a long story short, it was cold yesterday. It started out cold in the morning and then, as luck would have it, it just kept getting colder. But the good news […]

LSD and the Windy City

Last night in our continued quest for getting runs in during our commute, we decided instead of running down one of the busiest streets in the city and getting stopped at every light we would instead run all the way to the lake front, and then run the lake front path home. It’s needless to […]

Hey, Spidey!

Appropriately enough, I am my favorite comic book hero. Batman would have been cooler, though. You scored as The Amazing Spider-Man. After being bitten by a radioactive spider, Peter Parker was transformed from a nerdy high school student into New York’s greatest hero. Peter enjoys the thrill of being a super hero, but he struggles […]


From Flatman’s blog I took the “Which Action Hero are you”quiz.

That’s right. 007 James Bond….perhaps Jamie Bond for me……A good top 3 though too!

You scored as James Bond, Agent 007. James Bond is MI6’s best agent, a suave, sophisticated super spy with charm, cunning, and a license’s to kill. He doesn’t care about […]

Sunday Run

Yesterday we planned to go about 7 miles, going a little further down the lakefront path than we did last week. We ran at about 6pm and now that the winter months are coming the light in the evening is going. It was fully dark when we left, but it was a really beautiful run […]