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Can’t wait to run

Yesterday we ran 6 miles and again felt good. Felt fast! Again for the first time in a long time the runs are not dragging along with nothing to focus on except the various pains in the body.

So I can’t wait to run my 3 miles this afternoon.

Ran in the new shoes and […]

Go Go Manager of Fleet Feet

Earlier this morning I had e-mail the Fleet Feet chicago people about the horrible service I receieved at their store.

I just wanted to note that the manager of the store wrote me back apologizing and explaining the situation in more detail. Perhaps this is the true sign of a good company and not how […]

Nice and Easy

We went 4 miles today and for the first time in a long time my legs felt good! Not only my legs, but it seems that running life has re-entered my body. For awhile my runs have been long and tedious and just ughhy.

I know it was only 4 miles today but still all […]

Bad Bad Bad Service

I am appalled at the customer service I got at my local Fleet Feet running store yesterday evening.

At the beginning of last week I went into the Fleet Feet in Chicago on North Ave to buy my shoes for the marathon. I figured with 3 weeks left to go until the race, I would […]

Taper Taper Taper Time

So as mentioned below we ran a 20 miler on Sunday and have started the taper. We walked about 3 miles on Monday (X-training) and then took Tuesday off. Yesterday we ran 5 miles and felt ok. Some miner pain twinges, but other than that things look ok.

We will run 8 miles tonight, then […]


So Leah and I went to get our OFFICIAL MARATHON SHOES from Fleet Feet, the lovely local running store. As it turns out, we weren’t the only people to have this idea. Who would think, 3 weeks before the marathon, that everyone would try and get their OFFICIAL MARATHON SHOES?

(okay, everyone would think that…shut […]

Hey, I ran 20 miles too! I think I should talk about it.

Actually, Leah said it all. 20 miles is really, really far. It is really hard to head out from the house and keep going farther and farther out when you know you have to eventually comeback. And once you are 9.5 miles […]

20 miles whoo hoo

Well we did it. Yesterday we ran 20 miles. yowza!

We started at the ole’ wayne manor and ran to the lake front path and then to about 2.5 miles south of the aquarium. This is far It was so hard to be going, ok, we have to go more south now. At about 12 […]


Yesterday we ran 9 miles and I felt pretty good. Stopped for water at ~3.5 miles and 6.5 miles and was able to kick it at the end and finish with a slight sprint. by end I mean like 100 meters but it’s something.

It was nice to run farish and not be limping at […]

Sure, I lost the keys yesterday and had to run all the way back to the totem pole to try and find them. In my defense, though, I’m very dumb.

But what was fun, though, is that I wanted to find the keys before anyone else did so I took off and ran the 3/4 […]