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Yesterday we just walked (ran a couple of blocks only) 3.5 miles. It was suggested in the book we are using to train for the marathon that one day a week should be cross training and that walking counts. So my quad has been bothering me and didn’t want to do more damage to it, […]

Catching UP (again)

We tried to run 8.5 in Bloomington on Thursday. You might say that it was bad, and if you did you would be right. hmph. We made it about 4 miles and it was so hot and so hilly that we just walked the rest of the way back to our friends apartment where we […]

Recent 3.5 milers

On Monday we ran 3.5 miles. Felt good, my left quad muscle is a bit sore and I think it’s from walking around NYC for 3 days. The schedule had us with a day off on Tuesday, (which was good because we had a softball game….which we ended up getting slaughterd at!) but then 8.5 […]

It’s been awhile

Well, just need to update what’s been going on with the runnin’ even though I don’t really want to. Jason and I went on a 10 day vacation that had stopping points at Niagara Falls, Cooperston, NY for the baseball hall of fame, New York City and finally philadelphia. So we tried to get all […]

Yesterday we ran 5 miles and my legs felt great!!! I am so happy but still cautious about my ankle. We will take today off due to a softball game and then try an 8.5 mile run tomorrow morning. I think this will be the major test so I’m excited to see how I do.

I’m back

Well after taking about 5 days off from running and icing my ankle like it was my job, I went out for a 3.5 mile run. I felt fine. my ankle didn’t hurt while I was running at all, and didn’t hurt on the walk home. If I move my ankle in a certain way […]

Hmm…my post got eaten so here’s version #2

Wednesday I had to run by myself after Leah hurt her ankle. This was, to say the least, an interesting experience. I hadn’t run by myself in over a year.

So I got dressed and stretched and all that stuff and then it was time to start…


Well after the long run, I felt great but had an annoying pain in my lower right leg. The inside of my ankle is very sore and i am a little concerned about it. Monday we ran/walked 3.5 miles as we ran 15 miles the day before anyways and so thought it would be a […]

The long run according to Jason:

I thought the run went very well, especially considering we were adding 1.5 miles onto the end of our longest run instead of just a mile. I’ll left you read below for the details of our loop, but one neat thing about it is that it took us past […]

I’m Behind Again

7/29/05Today we worked from home and ran 4.5 miles around 3pm. Everything felt fine. We had a nice surprise on the way home. The Cubs were down by one in the top of the 9th when we ran by Wrigley Field at the start of the run. We figured they had lost, but as we […]