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Just got done running 7.5 miles here at Fermi Lab. The run went great. We slowed down a little for the first thing which I think is helping. I’m not a 8:45 miler….for these long distances…yet anyways.

So we ran from D-Zero towards the east entrance, and on the North side of Batavia Rd is […]

Like Jason said, it was a good run yesterday. We ran on a little path that is to the west of the ring by D-Zero. When we got to the point where we usually turn around I looked ahead and saw another runner coming out of the grass. So this little bike path continued and […]

Yesterday afternoon, before out weekly softball game (which we won, thank you), Leah and I ran about 5 miles. I say about because we didn’t have any way to measure the distance, but we ran for 47 and a half minutes which means that we should have been around 5 miles.

It was a perfect […]

Yesterday we ran 3.5 miles after a weekend of fun in the sun. Since my knee had been hurting all day, we took it nice and slow and I tried to think about my running form as I was going. Felt good throughout the whole thing until we stopped and the heat of the night […]

Leah did a great job recapping this weekend of running. Let me just add a few things (well, the only thing I’m going to add is my opinion).

It is totally sweet running at midnight. The temperature is perfect, it is completely deserted, and you feel like a total bad-ass. It is a little crazy, […]


Wow, am I behind on the running updating.

So let’s see waz up.

07/21/05Today, we had the busiest day that we have had in awhile, and that’s saying a lot for our days. We are leaving for Michigan the next morning and had so much to do to get ready for our mini three day […]

Like Jason said the run was alright. Not good for me, not bad either though. Just seemed long and slow. But it always feels good to be done with the run no matter how it went. We stopped for water at about 3.5 miles and then again at about 4.5 miles and then just finished […]

Today was an eight mile run which, if you’re scoring at home, is very far. It seemed especially so this morning as we took off at about quarter to seven and I was just not mentally “with it”. I may just not have been awake, I don’t know, but my thoughts consisted pretty much entirely […]

Got up at 5:30 am this morning so that we could get our run in before we left for work. We are looking at apartments the next two days and wanted to get both today and tomorrow done in the morning. Ran 4.5 miles, and I actually used my old shoes because my toes were […]

Just got back from our 3.5 mile run. Felt ok, the usual for a monday.

I am noticing however that I do have toes. I am very aware that they are knocking into the front of my new shoes I am sad, but I did buy them at Fleet Feet less than a week ago […]